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TitleDate ReleasedCategory
2020 Whig Digitization Project5-November 2020Completion of 2020 Digitization Project
Capitol Appeal29-October 2020Appeal by Building Kingston’s Future & FHF - 12 Storey Capitol Project
Gowling Reasons for Appeal28-October-2020Gowling Letter -Reasons for Appeal of 12 storey Capitol Project
Court Ruling14-October 2020Divisional Strikes Down 16 storey Capitol Project
Gowling Objections Letter5-October 2020Gowling Objections to 12 storey Capitol Project
Gowling Letter to Planning17-September 2020Gowling to Planning Ctte re Capitol Project
FHF Comments17-September 2020FHF Objections to 12 storey Capitol Project
2020 Digitization Project28-February 2020Digitization Project for 2020
FHF Press Release on LPAT PL170714 Decision10-August 2019FHF Press Release on Homestead Highrise Towers
Appeals of Homestead Land Holdings on Highrise Towers in the Kingston Historic Core9-August 2019LPAT Decision on PL170714
Letter to Council Regarding Downtown Campus St Lawrence College8-July 2019Letter to Council regarding downtown campus St. Lawrence College
Density by Design Public Consultation15-May 2019Letter to Kingston Planning, Building and Licensing Services
Letter to Mayor and Members of Council19-February 2019Letter to Council
Update on Homestead Holdings Ltd.22-Jannuary 2019Letter to the Editor
Capitol Project Recap19-January 2019Update for Membership
January FHF Newsletter15-January 2019Membership Update
Brief History of the FHF10-January 2019Article for KHS Limelight
December FHF Newsletter31-December 2018Membership Update
FHF Press Release on LPAT PL161069 Decision9-November 2018FHF Press Release on IN8 Capitol Highrise Tower
Appeal of Frontenac Heritage Foundation et al on IN8 Capitol Highrise Tower in Kingston Historic Core9-November 2018LPAT Decision on PL161069